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Salts Massage

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Massage Therapy

60 Minute massage


90 Minute massage




120 Minute massage



Hot Stones


Body Butter


Foot Scrub

$ 8.95

Back Scrub






Service Description

Massage Therapy


Relaxing Therapeutic Touch

Deep Tissue


Deeper Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Suction Cups

Massage Therapy has been used for centuries to promote blood flow, flush out toxins, and relieve physical pain. Our massage therapist will customize your session to fit your body's needs. 

Spa Treatment Stones


Exfoliating body scrubs help to remove dead skin cells, promoting healthy regeneration that will leave your body glowing

Bath Salts and Soap

Body Butter

Our body butter is the perfect compliment to any massage. Skin toning, deeply hydrating formula designed to help you look and feel your best

Aged Soap

Hot Stones

Hot stones can help to soothe and release muscle tension, melting away those stubborn areas of stress

Zen Stones


Theragun treatments provide rapid tension relief by incorporating a pulsating massage  technique to seperate muscle fibers 

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